From September 2020 we have some changes to help with social distancing: markers on the floor, one-way signs and hand gel on arrival.

• Parents should drop children off in the foyer.
• Children should go through the usual entrance door into the studio.
• Please respect social distancing when dropping off.
• Please do bring send children with a cough or temperature.

• We aim to do activities in bubbles based on primary class bubbles where possible.
• There will be floor markers to separate groups (bubbles) during the session.
• We aim to avoid activities involving contact and sharing droplets of air.
• Helpers aim to maintain good social distancing practices.
• Children should avoid needing to go to the toilet as much as possible.
• If a child becomes ill during a session, we will ring for immediate collection.

• Parents should enter the foyer 5 minutes before the end of the session, go left into the corridor, then up the stairs. They can then wait in separated seats at the back of the studio.
• Children will be dismissed in small groups, leaving with their parents through the opposite side of the studio, exiting from the building  through the doors out towards C Block. There will be directions so don’t worry if you don’t know where this is.
• Please respect social distancing when dropping off.

• Payments need to be made electronically in order to reduce risk of transmission. This can be done via the website,  or using the QR code in the school foyer or by bank transfer.

• Parents should email or text questions in order to reduce face-to-face contact.